Test time

Omry Peled  
נובמבר 29, 2015  

pic by Dima V.


warm-up games (4min)

move around the room in a bear crawl. when the musice stops,wall climb on the neersest wall .

last person to go up the wall = 10 wall balls.


max unbroken double unders

*best of 2 attempts


max unbroken strict pull-ups

*video both tests for future review

"share the load"

in teams of 3 for max reps:

5min max shoulder-press 50/25kg

1min rest

5min max back-squats 90/50kg

1min rest

5min max deadlift 120/90kg

Gymnastics 19:00

unilateral lower body strength – working towards pistols

upper body strength – working toward strict HSPU