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Omry Peled  
יולי 31, 2015  


As Many Rounds as Possible in 24 Minutes:

12 Dumbbell Deck Power Snatch

12 Dumbbell Single-Arm Push Press

12 Two-Point Row

12 Lateral Hop over Dumbbell

Special Timing Protocol:

Use a timer set for 40 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest.   Perform movements and reps (in order) during each 40-second work interval.  No work is performed in the 20-second rest period.  This means you will have 24 total work periods of 40 seconds and 24 total rest periods of 20 seconds during this workout.

Post load and completed and partial rounds to Comments.


Tabata double KB swings to eye level — keep a running total of reps

Rest 4 minutes

Tabata KB swings(fully overhead) with a single KB — keep a running total of reps

Men use a pair of 53’s for the first tabata and use a single 53 for the second tabata.

Women use a pair of 35’s for the first tabata and use a single 35 for the second tabata.


200 KTB swings for time

every 2min perform 7 burpees