Omry Peled  
נובמבר 18, 2014  


Complete the below movements for quality, not for time:

-20m handstand walk

-10m handstand walk sideways against a wall- left

-10m handstand walk sideways against a wall – right

-50 kipping movements on the rings (stay hollow!)

-15 strict ring Muscle ups (single each time)

-50 hollow rocks

-50 superman rocks


5×5 Shoulder press

5X5 Front squat

Tabata ring rows

Gymnastics WOD

Omry Peled  
נובמבר 4, 2014  

קצב רגוע, מוזיקה טובה, חברה מצויינת והתמקדות בתנועה!

האימונים היום מוקדשים כולם להתעמלות :)



2 rounds For quality:

-20 strict  rings pull ups (false grip + go as high as possible)

-20 strict ring dips

-20 ring rows (legs on box)

-20 gymnastics push ups

GirlsWOD (Omry)


5×3 Deadlift

5X3 Pull-Ups


in teams of 3:

max distance row in 15min

*change places every min!