Good music, great company, hard work

Omry Peled  
אוגוסט 2, 2015  


for quality!

-5min net handstand hold against a wall

-5min net L-sit on paralets

-5min net chin-up hold on the pull-up bar

-5min net hollow hold



Hollow body hold back to floor 3 sets X 30-60 sec

Crow Pose 3 X 10-30 sec
Chest to wall 3 X 20-60 sec
HS kick ups 3 sets X 5 reps each leg

Strict muscle ups

False grip hang 2 sets X 10-20 sec

Muscle up transition with feet on floor 3 sets X 3-5 reps

3-4 super sets of:

False grip ring rows 5 reps

Hanging at bottom position of the dip 10-20 sec